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Now more than ever, our communities need leaders who will look out for the safety and security of everyone, not just Republicans or Democrats.  As a military veteran and retired law enforcement officer, those oaths taken before God are binding in perpetuity and can never be laid aside – and that safety is a primary consideration. 

While there is a recent surge in cities willing to look the other way when crimes occur, I believe it is imperative that we stand up to criminals and show them they are not welcome in our communities.  The Second Amendment should be protected and not cast to the side, allowing for criminals to run around unchecked.  Americans have a right to defend their families and properties, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that remains the case. 

Joe Biden’s economy has wreaked havoc on Americans from coast to coast, with the one-two punch of high gas prices and high inflation crippling hardworking citizens.  We should be embracing the abundant natural resources that America has to offer, not disregarding them while we support oppressive regimes in Venezuela and the Middle East.  Families should not have to decide between paying for food or their next utility bill, and I will make it a priority to fight high inflation and high gas prices. 

Families should also not have to decide whether or not to move due to a lack of job availability.  It is not enough to bring more jobs to our community but well-paying jobs that allow individuals and families the freedom to move up in society and achieve their dreams.  I still believe in the American Dream, and I will fight to bring high-paying jobs to the region that will provide added stability and income to those who need it.