Meet Bill

What North Carolina needs right now are strong leaders who aren’t afraid to stand up to the nonsense spewing out of Raleigh.  Leaders who will look out for the local communities, helping those who need it most.  Bill Ward is just that leader North Carolina needs for the House of Representatives in District 5.

As crime continues to increase throughout the state, we need real solutions that will have a lasting change in our communities.  As a resident of North Carolina with a career in law enforcement, Bill Ward is Pro Second Amendment; having been on the front lines he knows exactly what is needed to keep our communities safe. 

Jobs are another important issue facing North Carolinians.  Inflation continues to reduce the wages of hard-working citizens in the state, leaving families to make difficult decisions regarding what to prioritize in the budget and what not to.  Bill Ward will fight for District 5 by supporting community colleges, advocating for small businesses, and keeping taxes and spending low during these difficult economic times. 

Bill Ward recognizes the absurdity of CRT and gender-affirming topics that are trying to find their way into North Carolina’s school systems, and he will fight them every step of the way alongside parents.  While Raleigh wants your children to question their gender from an early age, Bill Ward wants to set them up for success later in life by supporting the hiring of more teachers with better wages along with career-oriented programs to get them on the right footing.